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Mega Box

Mega Box

Dimensions: 48" x 19" x 14"

Max storing capacity*: 75kg


Built with the highest wall thickness providing the best insulation properties and largest capacity due to its 4 foot length. Comes with a ribbed structure on the lid for additional reinforcement.


Suitable to transport and/or store :

  • Large to XL fish loins
  • Lobster, crab or other shellfish
  • Beverages for events
  • Transporting fragile equipment


*Please note that 'Max storing capacity' is dependant on storage/use, the product can lose structural integrity depending on shipping and handling.

*Maximum Storage weight should not be utilized as these numbers should only be an indicator for stationary storage.

*All sizes are correct to the nearest inch and may have slight deviations depending on external temperature, humidity and long term storage.

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